Letter: Animal abuse at the fair

A note to Penny Kill, fair director in charge of the Livestock Scramble at the Allen County Fair: You may have found it “hilarious” to watch kids with helmets attacking much smaller baby pigs and chickens, but to me it looks a lot like bullying. I totally agree with Sandra Harrison’s letter calling this animal abuse.

As a society aren’t we trying to stop abuse, bullying, aggression, shootings? But here children are given permission and encouraged to “jump on” chickens and “wrangle” baby pigs. Why? You know these animals are scared to death and what it is teaching the children, “I am bigger than you so I can scare you, even hurt you, if I have to,” and the adults are fine with it. If that’s not bullying and abuse, what is?

Let’s all imagine we just got a new puppy, cute and cuddly, precious we want to love and protect him, But someone decides it would be fun to throw him in a ring and have a bunch of screaming kids see who can catch him first. And, yes he might get hurt especially if he is grabbed by his leg and held down. Pigs are not that different than dogs and may even be more intelligent. They feel pain, they know fear, and they want to be safe and live. This should not be considered fun by any means!! This is cruel!!

Until we, humans, see “all life, all species” as having meaning and purpose and not here for their pleasure only we will continue to be a rude, barbaric, society without a moral compass. Please consider a more compassionate way to entertain children at the fair.

Marilyn Gratz, Lima


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