Letter: Press needs to speak up

The real press in this country has, with few exceptions, been a disappointment; not in the way Trump supporters call anyone who isn’t a FOX reporter fake news, but in a more serious way.

I’ve been waiting for the better part of three years for someone in the real press corps to stand up and figuratively swing back at the president when he makes his snarky, snide remarks when someone in the press has the backbone to ask a legitimate question about something the president has done or said or tweeted.

Just once I would like to hear a real press reporter ask a question, and when the president gives his usual disrespectful response, say the following: “Mr. President, with all due respect to your office, why do you continue to act and talk like a 5th-grade bully? We in the real press ask legitimate questions of you because you are a public servant and it is your responsibility to answer these questions without your usual snarky response as you try to belittle the person asking the question. You are undoubtedly the most disrespectful, bigoted, unpatriotic, unstable, ego-maniacal, reprehensible person that this press corps has ever had the misfortune to cover. Now would you please answer our legitimate questions, without your usual lying, or just let us know so we don’t have to waste any more of our valuable time covering your antics.”

Hope springs eternal that something like this happens, but until the real press cares more about their position as a member of the fourth estate than of worrying about their careers, the president will continue his disrespectful attitude and go unchallenged.

Larry Donalson, Elida


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