Letter: Not a clue and without virtue

And so he appears with hat too tight, face crimson red, a real fright.

Logical thought out the window is tossed, common sense surreptitiously lost.

A person of darkened heart, without words of good, few if any are understood.

He rants and raves, a person unglued, words of vile cannot be misconstrued.

With pompous air and self- inflicted bravado, one can only conclude, total desperado.

To wish his place in time and space, he conjures thoughts vile for human race.

No honorable wishes for humanity does he extol, but hides in the darkness of his remorseless soul.

Now we know without a doubt, an education without honor does not in itself carry clout.

And I conlude a doctor of something no recognition be given, to his atrocious slander of men of character, honesty, and love of humanity driven.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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