Letter: Absurd behavior in White House

The latest episode of infantile behavior didn’t occur on the floor in Chief Supermarket nor did it occur in the aisleways of JC Penny. Where it did occur was in the most prestigious of all places in America: the White House. It was there that the current occupant decided to cancel his trip to Denmark because the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said his idea to buy Greenland was “absurd.”

He didn’t care that preparations for his visit were costly and, ultimately, unnecessary while on the same day, called for the reinstatement of Russia into the G-7. On the very next day, Donald Trump proclaimed to the world that he was “The Chosen One.” Christians have been speaking about the chosen one for over a thousand years and I don’t think the personality of Donald Trump is who they ere speaking about. Despite his decades of fraud, deception, and outright lies, many will still believe or at least follow those assaults on honesty.

Where there is evidence of treachery perpetrated on this government , he sees nothing and when his paranoid mind imagines acts against him personally, he will tweet that imagination to the entire world. I suspect that his imaginations, lies and deceptions will only get worse as we move closer to the next presidential election knowing that the presidency is his salvation, at least for now. The most heartbreaking aspect of this period is, perhaps, not the president, but with all those people that are just fine

Charles Thomas



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