Letter: Apple bandits strip my tree

I have a Mackintosh apple tree in my backyard which is now about 23 feet tall. Last year it had tiny nubbins and all fell to the ground. Thus, no apples. This year I noticed apples forming and soon found myself ducking while mowing under the tree due to the apples weight lowering branches into my head zone.

About two weeks ago there were about 8 to 10 apples on the ground and 50 to 70 apples on the tree extending from down low to the upper extremities. Then last week while mowing I realized something was different! I pulled my mower back to get a good look. There was not a single apple on the tree and none on the ground!

It could have been a maple tree! One person suggested people had stripped my tree at night. But I have motion lights and humans would not be neat enough to clean up the ground. Another suggested deer. While I have had deer in my back yard they would have to be giraffes to reach the upper branches. I finally went to the local county agricultural extension office. The girl said she did not have a clue, but if I would leave my number, she would ask the “guys”.

She called about two hours later and gave me the answer.

One of the guys told her it had to be raccoons for sure! I live about 30 feet from the Blanchard River. Later a local police officer told me the raccoon population in this area is exploding. Too bad I did not have security cameras in back to see just how they pulled it off. Bet they had their masks on.

Bob Corson, Lima


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