Letter: DeWine’s plan makes sense

After reading, “Dayton: Do something,” I e-mailed state Representatives Riedel, Cupp and state Senator McColley. I asked them to support Governor DeWine in his attempt at passing a useful and successful form of a “Red Flag law.”

Too often the signs of both mental illness and anti-social behavior are right in front of us, yet we stay quiet for whatever reason. With obvious outburst throughout many of those peoples’ lives, why does it take an attack of violence before friends, neighbors, former classmates, or co-workers will openly report to news agencies their knowledge of acts in the past?

Without guilt, we must see these signs and make them known to agencies that know how to deal with them. We have suicide hot lines. Runaway hotlines. Child Protective agencies. We hear of the terrible numbers of our past military people that battle so many issues from homelessness to suicide. How can we not find, or at least seek, a fix to anti-social, psychotic behavior that too often leads to a tragic end.

An approved form of “Red Flag” law makes sense. Please support our state officials in finding the answer. Banning guns doesn’t do it. Banning people of question from buying or possessing them will. I want the right to protect my family from them when they act out.

Jeff McDougle, Delphos, Ohio

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