Letter: Time to end two-party monopoly

The question should be asked: Why are we still a two-party system?

The two political parties are nothing more than monopolies. Two entities that believe the voting public only needs two choices. There are plenty who can do the job who would rather be considered Independent. Why does this system make it so hard for them to speak their minds? If one, two, three or more people want to serve our country, why does this two-party system do everything in their power to keep them out?

It’s a flawed system. Destined to fail. We are a diverse country with many ideas and yet the rules are written to keep good public servants out. It’s easy to see that its all about control. Give the third, fourth, and fifth candidates a chance. Change the rules. If you choose not to, you will continue to be the laughing stock of every other democratic country, most of whom have voting rates well above 90%.

Kelly Gossman, Ada


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