Letter: Person has right to protect family

There’s a big difference between an AK-47 and an AR-15.

Neither weapons were designed for the military and the military has never used them as they are only semi-automatic and cannot be modified to fully-auto without going to extremes. However, the left has always been after firearms of any type. The founders put the Second Amendment into the constitution as a means of protection from an over intrusive government as well as a means of self defense.

What does it matter how many rounds a magazine holds? Well, the Dayton cops fired a lot of rounds before the shooter was taken out. Why would you take that ability from a person trying to protect his own family?

It is not and never has been about the gun, it is about the power to control as is evidenced in every other country that started banning guns in small increments. History is full of mass murder perpetrated by governments that disarmed their people. Why on earth would you think it would be any different here?

There are thousands of gun laws on the books and yet there are still mass shootings. Why? Simply because a criminal does not obey the law. So I want as many rounds as possible for the defense of my own, period!

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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