Letter: Focus study on unborn

This letter is in reference to the article in The Lima News, “Gun Deaths Haunt Ohio,” by Catherine Candisky and The Columbus Dispatch.

The study was done by the Ohio Alliance for Innovation in Population Health, Randy Leite of Ohio University’s College of Health Sciences and Professions, and the College and University of Toledo’s College of Health and Human Services.

I would like to see the results if and when they would calculate the millions of years of life lost in Ohio since Roe V Wade. There has to be millions of years of life lost which we will never get back, years of lost parenthood, lost employment productivity, lost civic leadership, lost care for elderly relatives and so much more because of our aborted citizens.

You would think these organizations that seem to stress about health would also stress health for the unborn. If more people cared for the life of the unborn, maybe these shooters would care for human life.

George Knebel, Fort Jennings


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