Letter: Thank goodness for Taylor and John

As the social worker at Lima Towers, I have many opportunities to support our residents in getting supportive services that make their lives a little easier on a daily basis. One of those events happened recently and I wanted to acknowledge the event and the people who helped us handle this event.

First of all, the West Ohio Food Bank has been dealing with a lot of challenges during their food giveaways. On July 30, we experienced the opposite situation when they came here to do the same type of event. Much thanks goes to Taylor and John from the food bank because they delivered the food themselves and worked alongside our staff and residents to make it a successful event.

We all participated and handed out the food and we all helped clean up afterwards. They were very helpful to us and I wanted the community to know that these things can happen and be very positive if we decide to work together and follow a few simple guidelnes. We were able to have a successful food distribution and it definitely helped those who participated. Thank you, Taylor and John. We appreciated you and all of your hard work on behalf of the residents of Lima Towers.

Monica Navarre, Lima


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