Letter: Don’t tell me what gun I need

I appreciate Monday’s letter piece on “needs an AK-15,” but it sounds a little lame to me.

The weapon is designated as an AR-15, or the other one, an AK-47, (Chinese design). I’m glad the letter writer hunts and does not waste what they kill, and they have an appreciation for “target shooters.”

My question is why do they think they can determine what others find necessary to provide safety for their families, and/or entertainments? Has anyone tried to tell them what kind of vehicle to drive? (Other than those who want to dispose of gasoline vehicles?) How about requiring automakers to limit their vehicles to four cylinders? (No one needs a 700 horse power Mustang to go to the grocery!)

As far as those who are blocking gun legislation, the former vice president is willing to forcibly remove the “assault weapons” from law abiding gun owners! Ever read about deaths related to “Swatting”? As far as being a “gun loving family,” maybe you should join the NRA and get both sides of the issue, to make a informed decision on a serious violation of the Second Amendment.

Craig L. Somers, Lima


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