Letter: No one needs an AK-15

My family has had guns forever and we still will. We went rabbit and pheasant hunting. We harvested/ate our kill. Some of you go deer hunting or bigger animal hunting…..for food. Now you may target shoot and I understand that. It’s a challenge of skill. There are all kinds of recreation connected with the use of guns.

What I don’t understand is why some people need an AK-15 weapon. Why would they even be for sale on the open market? That is a weapon designed to be used by the military or police forces.

You’re telling me you want protection. I think a shot gun would handle it or a hand gun that doesn’t have 15 shots available in a clip. What/who are you looking to kill.

Get some “guts” if you really want to have these guns. Get in the military and help protect our country. I think we have really gotten to the crux of the problem. You think you are the only one that matters and you are going to “get them.” Who are them: American citizens. You don’t know and you don’t care.

You that are blocking sane gun legislation are part of the killing too because You let it happen just to satisfy the Big Me. Oh, I forgot you’ll probably need the NRA’s money to get re-elected!! Oops, my fault.

Louise Myers, Cairo


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