Letter: Getting zero for what?

The Supreme Court just approved spending $2,100,000,000 of Department of Defense dollars for building 100 wall miles between Mexico and the United States. Taking $2,100,000,000 divided by 100 miles equals $2,100,00 cost for each wall mile.

How many potholes could be filled for $2,100,000,000? How many decrepit, dangerous bridges could be repaired or rebuilt for $2,100,000,000? How many wastewater treatment plants would stop fecal bacteria on beaches for $2.100.000,000?.How many water treatment plants could give safe drinking water for $2,100,000,000? How many jobs could be created with alternative energy for $2,100,000,000? How many lives could be saved by medical research for $2,100,000,000? How many childrens’ lives could be saved by protecting them in their schools for $2,100,000,000? How much could our planet be preserved for $2,100,000,000? How much good could happen spending $2,100,000,000 for…?

Donald L. Spencer, Oberlin

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