Letter: Great experience hosting a Loco

“What do you think about hosting a Lima Loco player?”

When my wife first asked me this question, I thought she had lost her mind. Immediately I think it’s a bad idea. I ask her, “Why would you want a strange college boy hanging out in our house all summer around our kids?”

After about a month of weekly conversations and my wife and kids telling me how great it would be, I finally gave in when Kathy called asking if we could host two boys until their assigned family got back from vacation. The would be a trial run for us.

They arrived the next day or two. I honestly didn’t get to see the boys a lot due to our schedules. But I knew my family was enjoying having them. The whole experience was great, but when I went to the first couple of games and saw how interactive all the Loco players were with my kids, that’s when I had to admit to my wife and kids that they were RIGHT. After the two weeks “our” players, left and went to their assigned house. It was sad. But after a few weeks, we got the call another player would be coming to our house for remainder of season.

I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the Whole Lima Locos organization from the top down. Thank you to Jared, Ryan, and Jackson for being great “Big Brothers.” Thanks to all the Loco Players who made my kids feel welcome.

Every baseball fan should consider going to watch the 2020 Loco season. Simmons Field is family friendly. Who knows, you may even want to host a Loco player next year.

Ryan Carter, Harrod

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