Letter: An eye-opening medical odyssey

On the night of July 23rd I had a heart attack and that led to a medical odyssey that none of us ever wants to take. It began with Shawnee Township EMT’s taking me to St. Rita’s Hospital ER. From there I was taken to the Cardiac Care Unit where I stayed until I had received a stent. The following afternoon I was discharged.

Nothing about that is particularly noteworthy since it is routine protocol. Every emergency situation requires those steps. But that’s not what was most important. The important thing is all the detailed work and life saving duties performed by Mercy Health staff (doctors, nurses and techs) during these major steps and those are noteworthy. At each of these steps through the process, I received the best care possible. The ER and Cardiac Care units were professional, knowledgeable and very well trained in their responsibilities. They worked together as a well trained unit. They showed compassion, sympathy and even humor while doing the things necessary. They all knew exactly what to do and then did it. You cannot ask for more than that. Residents in the Lima region should be aware of such available quality care.

To Shawnee Township EMT’S and Mercy Health/St. Rita’s ER and Cardiac Care Unit I send a heartfelt “Well done and Thank you.”

Bill Donham, Shawnee


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