Letter: Playing politics with Lake Erie

Our Great Lakes contain 21% of the worlds fresh water supply. This fresh water system is being threatened by invasive species, algae growth and PFAS chemicals. Most of the governors in the Great Lakes waterway, including Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s staff, have provided a lot of input to develop a six-point program that deals with these continuing problems. As reported, the plans release was timed to draw attention to Great Lake problems prior to the Democratic debate.

Governor DeWine is not is not supporting this plan, claiming it is not appropriate to vet Democratic candidates prior to the Democratic primary.

Ohio is a Great Lakes state, it is a shame that Gov. DeWine chooses politics over the the water quality of the largest fresh water source in the world, an essential resource for for millions of people in Ohio and in our country.

Our current president is proposing a cut of $30 million to the budget of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative whose task is to protect and restore the waters of the Great Lakes.

How long can this valuable water source be sustained when politicians continue to choose their political party over there people?

Tom Ogden, Lima

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