Letter: This old dude is no Super Hero

At age 84 I’m an “Old Dude” and a long way from being a “super hero”! Still, I have reasonable strength in my hands and fingers, so why is it that I have to stress and strain to open nearly every one of the little plastic packages provided by restaurants?

For example, Lima’s Kewpee restaurants have the best pie you can find anywhere, but if you use the drive-through and order a single slice, good luck opening that wedge-shaped plastic box they put it in! Also, we like an occasional hot fudge sundae (with nuts) at McDonalds. The little red packets of of crushed peanuts are a challenge too. Hopefully you can get them open without broken fingernails and explosions of inappropriate expletives. And how about the packages of dressing for your salad? I could go on. (I wonder how Captain America opens those things.)

Lloyd Harnishleger Pandora

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