Letter: Trump fights for Americans

In response to a recent letter by Larry Donaldson:

What damage. Under the Obama administration, nearly every federal agency became corrupt including the IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA and the DNI. You surely don’t believe that President Trump really takes the words of communist dictators. Russia is no longer communist, so you can’t be talking about Putin.

Trump has built up our military after it was systematically destroyed by Obama and cohorts, so please enough of the communist dictator talk.

He is not a racist. He has done much more to help race relations than Obama ever did. Pointing out a rat-infested city in poverty that is in Cummings’ district does not make him a racist.

Drug prices have in fact been lowered during his administration. His trade deals have worked to help improve our economy, and he is trying to secure the border to make us safer.

“Tax cuts for the rich” is an old Democrat line. Information from the IRS federal Income tax summary shows that the top 1% income bracket paid 39.48% of all federal tax. The top 50% paid 97.25%. Unless your income is above the top 50%, you owe virtually no federal income tax. The tax cuts increased the amount of federal income tax revenue. Economics 101!

The rate of unemployment stands at 3.7% as of June 2019 and GDP growth was greater than 3% for the entire year. The inflation rate stands at 1.9% while wage growth just hit 3.4%.

A total of 3.2 million new jobs have been created during the past two years. The income tax cuts increased take home pay.

Howard Foltz, Lima

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