Letter: Hillary lost! Get over it

I hate to inform Larry Donaldson that Donald Trump is not only his president, but the president of everyone in this country. When you hurl accusations constantly at the man and those of us who support him, it is as if you are the one with all of the answers to our problems and being a conservative is the beginning of our problems.

The intelligence community that you say he denigrates in favor of communist dictators is just another absurdity in your long line of spoon-fed propaganda. The intelligence community is undergoing a much needed change sinceit had been politicized by his predecessor.

He makes no demeaning or xenophobic comments about immigrants, only the illegal ones who should not be here. There is a difference Larry.

As for him being a misogynists’, I would ask you to compare his misogynists’ behavior to that of Mr. Bill Clinton who as far as we know spent a great deal of time at Mr. Epstein’s little sex island.

As for being a Christian? That is not for us to judge but for a higher power.

The election is over. Hillary lost, thank goodness. Trump is doing a good job and yet you and the left are too busy hating him to realize this.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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