Letter: Time to clean house in Lima

Recently, Jim Krumel wrote a piece claiming that a Toledo suburb was getting a new Amazon fulfillment center, and that Lima had been in contention for the site. He also stated that according to his investigation, nobody in Allen County, the city of Lima or any of our economic development leaders knew, or cared, anything about it.

I did some research, and what I found out was outrageous. Yes, Rossford is getting a giant Amazon warehouse. The Amazon story is true and is expected to be built by August 2020. When finished, it will employ about 3,000 people, with free job training and up to 90 percent tuition reimbursement. The site will be 2.8 million square feet, with 1,800 parking spaces and 300 truck bays.

And yes, Lima has been in the running for almost a year, but nobody cared.

Let’s look at what 3,000 jobs would do for our economy:

1. The increased tax base would do wonders for the schools.

2. $120 million of new buying power would flow through the area every year.

3. That equates to a demand of around $300 million in real estate sales.

4. Or $75 million in new car/truck sales.

5. An explosion in grocery/restaurant sales.

6. What about demand on health care?

7. Or insurance.

8, Let’s not forget entertainment.

Folks, this loss was a very big deal to our way of life. And the people we paid to take care of our business were too lazy to lift a finger. We should call for the immediate resignation of every one of them, and put a stop-payment on any outstanding paychecks.

Ned Bushong



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