Letter: Donald Trump — yours and mine

In reading some letters to the editor in the paper and online lately, one would think the habitually lying, hate-inciting, race-baiting, inept and incoherent leader of our country is the savior of the universe. One has to ask these people, who can’t see the damage actually being done to our republic by its current leader, just what are thinking people missing about Trump? What has he done for you, personally, that lets you overlook his obvious moral bankruptcy?

Here’s what he’s done for me.

•He believes the words of communist dictators over the entire U.S. intelligence community.

• He makes demeaning xenophobic comments about immigrants simply to appeal to his racist base of supporters.

• He makes misogynistic comments about women because he has a Neanderthal view that women are nothing more than sex objects and brood mares.

•He claims to be a Christian and his evangelical supporters even give him a “mulligan” for all his marital indiscretions.

• He proudly uses phrases coined by dictators referring to the free press as the “enemy of the people.”

• He continually lies to the American public about what a great health care plan and lower prescription drug prices he plans to give the country.

• He signs a tax bill that gives corporations and the wealthy huge tax cuts that sink our country further into debt; and all of this is the fault of progressive liberals?

Give those of us with working brains a break.

Our republic is failing not because of liberals, but because of hero-worshiping Trump supporters who are as aggressively ignorant about the Constitution and how our government actually works as their pied piper leader.

Larry Donaldson, Elida

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