Letter: Virtual school works for us

We are proud to be a virtual school family.

We enrolled our son Lucas in Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) after he was bullied at his local school. When Lucas began kindergarten in brick and mortar school, we prepared him to turn towards his teachers as his best advocates and helpers. We weren’t prepared for the teacher to be the one treating Lucas unfairly. She admitted to us, and the principal, that she was treating Lucas differently.

We made the switch to virtual school and haven’t looked back. OHVA has alleviated the anxiety he developed from his brick and mortar school experience. Every teacher at OHVA has been encouraging, available, and positive. They really know their students. The online classroom doesn’t prohibit those relationships; we think it strengthens the teacher-student bond.

OHVA is amazing! Administrators, counselors and teachers are united in their mission to provide a customized academic plan for students to succeed. Lucas is right on track and we couldn’t be happier. We are proud to be a virtual school family and are already looking forward to another great school year.

We look for every opportunity to support school choice options and encourage Ohio to continue to protect education options beyond the traditional four-walled classroom.

Michelle Rigali, Lima

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