Letter: Politicians must stand up against president

What this President is doing and saying is very un-American. He should not hold the office of president in this great country.

He does nothing good for American people. He only does for himself and for his family. He just keeps trying to tear the country apart.

He put people against each other. He puts people down. He’s racist against U.S. congresswomen, and they’re our America.

He’s putting out country deep in debt. He’s getting a free ride on the people’s money. All out people that are in our government need to stand up against this man, or they need to go if they don’t.

Other countries are just laughing at us for things that he does. Our young men and women have given their lives for us since this country was born. What has this man done? All colors of people gave their lives for each of us.

God made us all. Let all of us stand up and vote and teach our young people to be good and to respect each other, not to dishonor in our words and deeds.

Mary Squires



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