Letter: Frustrated by bill from wireless carrier

In this day and age, you need cellular service. We are at their mercy.

I have been a customer of Verizon all the way back to the beginning. My fiancé and I share a plan. It is the “large” plan, which maximizes at 8 gigabytes shared. If you go over, you pay $15 per gigabyte.

Of course, we reach the limit two-thirds of the way each month. So I increased our package to the low end of the Unlimited plan. This increases our bill $50 more a month.

What you don’t understand is that the lower tier unlimited plan is throttled to the least important during high-traffic times. I could not download anything for last 24 hours while on this new plan. So I am paying more and not truly getting unlimited data! Such a joke!

I had to bump up to the middle tier unlimited, which is another $30 a month! This is such a scam! It should be illegal to charge more and not get unlimited access!

Verizon keeps restructuring their plans, and if you go over 8 gigabytes — which doesn’t take much — the upper plans are also no longer covered under our employer discount of 19%. So there is an increase of price and loss of discount! People, be aware of Verizon! They have too much power, and we are footing the bill!

Nicole Janele Morris



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