Letter: Trump doing good job despite constant attacks

The hate never ends.

For the last three years, the word “impeach” has been used every single day against President Trump. When will it end? Probably not for another five years, I would say. The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the mainstream media and all on the left have become so old as to not even warrant listening to any longer.

Here is a man who gave up his billionaire lifestyle, takes no pay and yet has to put up with the constant hate of the left-wing loons. Why? Because unlike the left, Trump does love this country and respects the founders and what they stood for. I would say that with all of the vitriol and bashing that comes his way, he has done a very good job of holding his tongue.

I couldn’t have agreed more with his most recent tweets telling those who do not like America to pack it up and go back to the ratholes they came from. Obviously, the “squad” as they call themselves took this as some kind of racist statement, and yet there were no names mentioned, no race mentioned, no nationality mentioned. So one begs the question, do they feel guilty about something? Unfortunately, they should, and obviously they do, or two seconds after the tweet they wouldn’t have been out there using that tired old race card.

The proof is in the pudding, especially since neither Ilhan Omar nor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would condemn the left-wing nut job and Antifa for trying to firebomb an ICE facility. That speaks volumes about their patriotism right there. The actions and inactions of the entire Democratic party speak volumes of their patriotism and is exactly why this president is going to serve another term.

Bob Riley

Fort Jennings


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