Letter: Don’t be fooled by Trump rhetoric

Many letters to this newspaper have been written espousing the greatness of the current White House resident, and I could not disagree more.

He’s not just a horrible president; he is perhaps one of the most despicable human beings that one will ever encounter in a full lifetime. He has a dismissive attitude toward anyone that doesn’t engage in speak that doesn’t glorify his greatness.

The people that are blinded by the myth that he is working for them is what is most heartbreaking. One need only look to past contract workers who were left empty-handed or his need to find cheap foreign labor while criticizing everyone else for not hiring American.

Advancing the life of someone else is a false mission, as his lifetime mission has always been what is good for Donald Trump. Just look at his personal life. His focus has always been to enhance his image and his wealth, no matter who he hurt along the way, and there were many.

He is critical of people of color, including Muslim Americans, Hispanic Americans and Black Americans, as well as transgender Americans many who chose to serve this country in the military, something he chose not do.

We the American people now carry the burden of his self-dealing interest. Many of you will scream foul as you read this, just like I do when I see you cheering loudly when Trump says, ”Buy American” in your Chinese made MAGA hat. I guess you could say he got you again.

Charles Thomas



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