Letter: Seeking common sense with dogs in hot cars

It is starting to appear as if common sense has fallen by the wayside.

Just as you would not leave your child in a parked car with windows “cracked” a bit in 80 to 90-degree temperatures, why would you do so with your dog? If you love your pet enough to take him shopping at Meijer, have someone walk him while you make your purchases.

On Monday, I saw a huge German Shepherd in distress in a parked car that had a handicapped placard, so you know right away this is not a quick trip.

In Arizona, you call the police, and then you smash the window to get the animal (or child) out. In Ohio, I guess you just write letters to the editor asking that people think before leaving a pet in a car on a very, very hot day, in the sun.

Cars heat up rapidly to more than 100 degrees, even in a more moderate temperature.

Sadly, I had nothing on me which would have encouraged me to smash the window. I will forever regret not going in the store and asking them to announce that a dog was in distress, and then I would have named the car and license plate. So for now, I am just saying, use your common sense, and treat your pets like you really love them.

Stephanie K. Heitmeyer



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