Letter: Fresh immigrants could help America improve

The perspective from which Americans assess their daily fortune needs more work than the infrastructure.

During the recent “great” recession, while much of the middle class went jobless and homeless, teenage girls who couldn’t sing a song without the word “baby” in it became multi-millionaires, and sales of cell phones whose chief purpose seems to be nude self-portraits made billions for the stockholders.

The figures on the aforementioned joblessness require adjustment, since during this period, 65 million Americans couldn’t pass a drug test in the interests of employment, and 18 million more had problems holding jobs because of alcoholism. What algorithm gives us a percentage we can believe?

And only a vestigial sense of nagging decency kept those who dictate the Forbes 400 from putting heads of drug cartels on it. Recently, the DEA reported finding scattered rooms stacked with American currency hidden throughout Mexico, a single one of which could’ve paid for health care for every single American for the next 12 years.

Mexico decries this ― like we should. The money comes out of American pockets and funds the crime lords who make a joke out of South American law and every South American a victim. The latter come here to escape the nightmare that we’re financing.

The birthrate in the U.S. is flat-lining; the young are being groomed for stardom of the song-and-dance kind. We get older.

America needs those who are being held in cages on the border. The infrastructure could still use some work.

Noe Serna



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