Letter: Nursing homes and ‘Grandma Sue’

What happened to “Grandma Sue” is very sad to be sure. But before this incident should have become national news, did the family take into consideration grandma’s condition? Elderly people are on a lot of medication which can cause the slightest bump to look like a huge bruise. Elderly people also have very thin skin which can result in skin tears. The elderly also have a lot of balance problems causing them to fall very easily. They are also very determined to do things for themselves whether they can or cannot.

In the past my own mother fell off the toilet in an assisted living facility resulting in a black eye with bruising to entire side of her face and all down one side of her body. It was an accident of which the staff had done everything in their power to prevent, short of tying her to her chair. Accidents happen.We did not feel the need to make national headlines.

Here’s an idea: “Spend more time with your loved ones.” The staff in all care facilities are short-handed because of budget cuts, so anything you can do to help your loved one is greatly appreciated. Be a helper, not an attention seeker.

Dianne Smith, Lima


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