Letter: Finally a president to be proud of

We have had some debates for what they were worth. Just mutual raids on the treasury and the Constitution. We now see how far left the Democrats have gone. They are all for no borders, no laws. Throw the gates open. Who are their constituents? Certainly not the American people who will end up paying with their money, their jobs, and their freedoms.

The press has papered the news with the little girl and her father. They knew the journey was dangerous and they paid. Others have paid. More will pay. This country should change our laws to stop the incentives for them to come here. Build the WALL. The cost of the wall would be quickly amortized by the savings on the costs of maintaining services for the illegals if they don’t get in.

The attack by Harris, a Democrat snake, on Biden was planned before the debate and she sprung it during the debate. Busing failed. No one wanted busing. The Democrats scare me because of the lengths they will go to to advance their socialist plans. These Democrats are more of an embarrassment than Obama was. Democrats, not ready for prime time.

The people of this country must be aware of how radical all of these democrats are. We know that Obama weaponized the DOJ and the IRS against the TEA Party and others and those he infiltrated into our government are still working to subvert the work that President Trump is doing. The Republic as we have known it is in grave danger from Democrats. Finally a president to be proud of. America needs us and President Donald Trump

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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