Letter: Diversify your cable coverage

A warning of the likelihood of things which are coming to pass or may come to pass.

In our neighborhood is a Specter, a monster which has crept into our lives a little at a time and like an Octopus is slowly grabbing more and more of our lives. Yes, I’m referring to Spectrum, a very appropriate name it seems to me. The signal loss of the last two evenings, no warning, no explanation, has shown me just how much at risk we are and how little this supplier cares. I phoned the supplier ( on my cell phone, the only device that worked thanks to the fact it’s not serviced by Spectrum). They told me that I was the only household that had called about the outage. That is not likely. Seems strange due to the fact they told me the Tuesday, July 9, outage involved several states and I found out our later Wednesday outage involved 400 customers. But I was the only one who complained?

Our government has told us of the possibility of foreign governments hacking into our cyber space and disrupting our entire system. Suppliers whose only goal is to control most of our access to the outside world and charge the highest cost worry me.

Wake up people! Don’t place all your eggs in one basket, diversify your cable coverage. It’s your country, your life, your choice.

William Wetmore, Lima


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