Letter: Enough of Kaepernick

I’m being “guilted.” I can’t wear the 13 star American flag because ex-quarterback Kaepernick is offended. It might offend certain groups in America. Are “they” Americans, really? They should be proud of wearing a symbol of the great Americans that fought for our freedom and justice.

Keep picking at the “wound,” I’m sure it will heal. You can’t change history, you can only make it better by your actions. Yours are certainly making things better. How many of your considerable dollars are used to help your people? If you are not a solution to the problems then you are a part of them. You whine you can’t get a job with the NFL. Well that’s what happens to rabble rousers in every profession! Get out in the real world baby-boy and find out what’s it really like. We call it dog eat dog. And you need more than a big bite.

Dad used to say, “Wear that chip on your shoulder and someone will by glad to knock it off”!

Every decision you make you are offending someone. Did you know that? How many years did you fight for this country, really fight in the service of our country? I don’t like you kneeling before the American Flag. It’s un-American.

NIKE $$. Bye, bye with you and Kaepernick!

Louise Myers



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