Letter: We love our America

My wife and I stopped at Applebees for dinner on a recent Wednesday. While waiting for our server, we struck up a conversation with a couple across the aisle. A friendly talk about our families and our origins ensued. They had finished eating, and so, while our waiter took our order, they shook our hands and left. We enjoyed our meal, and asked the waiter for our check.

It was then that our waiter told us that our check had been paid for. We were migrants in 1953. We came to this beautiful country from Canada — and we raised our family here. All our relatives are still in Canada — and older ones are in Belgium (where I was born). We have vacationed all over Europe, Mexico, Bahamas — and we can testify this is the finest country in the world!

We thank the couple for their friendly gesture — and we intend to pass it on.

Lucien & Patricia Cosyn, Lima

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