Letter: Mourning, not celebrating the 4th

What has happened to America?

America still exists, but in name only. President Lincoln once said that we would not be destroyed by a foreign country, but rather we would do it to ourselves. We the people have taken the greatest nation on earth and turned it into something unrecognizable by our founders. The enemy is no longer at the gates, but roams freely among us.

Sit down and compare the founding documents against the communist manifesto and that is all the proof one needs to understand. The liberal left has done a good job at taking this nation down. Liberalism is socialism is communism. It is that plain and simple. All of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto are in place. We are for all intents and purposes a communist country.

Yes America, we should mourn on the 4th, not celebrate. Those of us with a clear understanding of history can see this. The brainwashed liberals however, welcome our destruction. What a sad time we live in.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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