Letter: We need to preserve the world’s rainforests

The rainforest — or the jungle, as it’s more well known as, — is one of the most renowned ecosystems on the planet. Found throughout South America, Central Africa, Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, rainforests are home to more than half of the world’s species of animals and plants, some of which have not yet been discovered by science.

Beyond that, many things we like in our everyday lives comes from the rainforest. Many of the fruits we see in our grocery stores, such as bananas, pineapples, mangoes and papayas, grow in the rainforest. And, the cocoa bean, from which chocolate is made, grows in the rainforest.

However, the rainforest is in very real peril. Every year, thousands of acres of rainforest are cut down to make room for cities and farms and to sell exotic woods from the trees. If we continue to let the rainforest be destroyed, not only will thousands of species of animals be lost forever, but we will lose almost all the fruits we love, chocolate, important sources of medicine and many other things we love. Which is why we must do everything we can to protect the rainforest for future generations.

Thomas Miller Huffman



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