Letter: Jimmy Lee is what Lima’s about

My husband and I were puttering in the yard this week and decided we should remove a small ornamental tree that didn’t survive the winter. I mean, how hard could it be?

After trimming off all the branches to get a better grasp on the offending tree trunk, and then pushing and pulling it back and forth we were having little success. We live on a busy road and no doubt looked like a couple of frustrated, old folks who were about to pass out to those driving by. But that didn’t happen because much to our surprise, a Good Samaritan pulled over, jumped out of his truck and said, “Here let me help you with that.” A few minutes later our new friend had wrangled the offending tree right out of the ground.

Thank you so much Jimmy Lee. You are an extremely thoughtful person and we appreciate your kindness more than you know. Lima is a very friendly community. This is a comment we don’t hear often enough; but, in my opinion, a very true statement nonetheless.

Judy and Jack Cowan, Lima

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