Letter: Still waiting for leaders to speak

Lima News Editor Jim Krumel likely stirred many reactions with his June 10 column, “Teens Shooting At Cops? No Time For Silence.”

Following the armed robbery of a Bluelick Road Clark gas station on May 30, “three teenage thugs” were arrested, with Duran Tyson Jr. fleeing into his residence after firing multiple times at ACSO deputy Barry Friemoth. Luckily, no injuries were reported and Tyson ultimately surrendered.

Yet as Krumel aptly noted, where is the community outrage when a Lima teenager is willing to “kill a police officer over a pack of smokes.” And the problem doesn’t stop there.

Sheriff Treglia’s follow-up press conference on May 31 was notable for the absence of community leaders. In addition to their muted public comment, where were Mayor Berger, LPD Chief Martin, NAACP head Fails, county prosecutor Waldick, council president Nixon, other councilors, any black ministers or even one county commissioner?

What explains this shameful behavior? Is it the fact that there was no loss of life, that people are more tolerant of crime or that political correctness has increasingly silenced the expression of public outrage?

Through their actions, these so-called leaders severely failed the public and those in uniform who protect and uphold the law.

Meanwhile, Krumel rightly concludes that zero tolerance should exist for teenagers who shoot guns at police, with maximum criminal penalties for those who engage in such acts.

As the prosecution of this case moves forward, perhaps those who view themselves as community leaders will set their personal agendas aside long enough to denounce such violence that once upon a time was characteristic only of America’s largest cities. The clock is ticking.

Mark Figley, Lima


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