Letter: A woman knows the risk

We have seen much on the news lately about Pro-Choice demonstrations against some of the new abortion laws. Pro-Choice maintains that the laws take away a woman’s right to make choices about her own body.

Is that really correct? Nature’s design of and primary reason for the procreation process is creating a new human being. A woman knows the risk of pregnancy when she makes her choice about her body to participate in the procreation process. Any choice regarding her body after becoming pregnant is a choice affecting the life of another human being in addition to her own body. Yes, it is provable by DNA testing that the “piece of flesh” being aborted is another human being. Where in the Constitution is a woman given the right to choose to kill another human being? America calls it “murder” when one person chooses to kill another human being. A person committing murder is called a “murderer”. A person assisting, supporting or promoting killing another human being is also part of the murder plot. Do you want to be a murder? Do you want to support people who are part of a murder plot?

There are a lot of believers in God, such as Christians and Jews, who are Pro-Choice. God made his will known when he provided the ten commandments, which includes forbids the killing of another human being. A choice to violate God’s command is a choice for one’s own will over God’s will. Do we believers really think it wise to thumb our noses at God?

James Powell, Lima


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