Letter: Driving on left side of road again

I’ve heard it time and time again. This president does nothing but lies. Yet when asked, What are these lies,” I can never ever get a response. Recent leters in the Your View column are from puppets with their strings being pulled by the loony left media. They are incapable of any free thought what-so-ever. It is nothing but a never ending Trump bashing parade and yet for all the good this president has done, the MSM does nothing but ridicule. Trump could end world hunger and cure cancer and the MSM would make up something else to investigate him for. The childishness of the left knows no bounds.

For a know nothing president, his successes far out weigh any failures he has had. If people are to blind to see the nonsense being spewed by a biased media then they are part of the problem in this country.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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