Letter: Let Trump do his job

The Lima News recently printed articles stating our political leaders, both “right” and “left,” were against President Trump’s invocation of tariffs on Mexican goods in order to gain their assistance in curbing the Immigration “crisis” on our southern border.

Thousand of unchecked individuals are just walking across our border, then released into our country without any medical investigations. These people come from countries with minimal health care and many communicable diseases which we have conquered. Measles, Zika, Ebola, and many others have been found in these countries of origin and infected individuals in the “caravans.”

All it required is for Congress to meet during their lunch hour, (or before they go on vacation, AGAIN), and rewrite the Immigration laws and rules regarding these trespassers. Do you want your children and grandchildren sitting in today’s crowded classrooms with potential carriers of these hazards? Write to your Representatives, and instruct them to do their jobs and legislate, for once in their careers.

Love him, hate him, or tolerate him, President Trump is doing his best to protect our nation’s future!

Craig Somers, Lima


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