Letter: Didn’t appreciate wild goose chase

Regarding an article Thursday in The Lima News about fresh produce being given away by the West Ohio Food Bank on Kibby Street

The article said not to arrive before 4 p.m. and that the giveaway would last until 5:30 p.m. When we arrived at 4:02 p.m., the lot was already full. We were told to drive around for 20 minutes. When we came back we were told to drive around for another 30 minutes. The next time we were told they were closed, even though it was not yet 5 p.m.

Obviously, if only 100 people were inside the gate before 4 p.m., they only had enough food for 100. All of this should have been in your article. — to arrive early and that there was only enough for 100 people.

Wow, who will pay my gas mileage and get me fresh produce?

Gloria Pinney, Bluffton


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