Letter: Sharing safety information

Betty’s Farm hosted a Safety Service Day at Faurot Park in May. Several local safety service agencies were invited to give presentations and demonstrations of their area of expertise.

The park rangers started with presentations on “Stranger Danger” and “Safety.” Park Rangers Kohli and Coffey provided handouts and used visual aids to assist our attendees, as well as sharing their experience. Next was the Perry Township Fire Department with Chief Justin Roberts and Assistant Chief Brooke Hedges. Brooke did a great job with the presentation of the equipment that a firefighter must put on and Justin was right in step with her presentation of the equipment and dressing out in full gear. Brooke and Justin covered fire safety at home as well. Lima Police Department Patrolman Slusher along with Police Canine Fanto followed with a presentation and demonstration. The American Red Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Border, completed the day with a presentation on CPR/First Aide.

After each presentation and demonstration the group was given the opportunity to ask questions of each Safety Service organization. There was a lot of great questions from the group and each presenter took the time with patience to answer each question clearly.

All of the staff and the attendees that were present had nothing but praise and appreciation for each Safety Service Organization that presented and are looking forward to future presentations. We all learned a lot and most of all we got to share with all of these great Safety Service professionals up close and in person. Special thank you to all presenters.

Jerry Hunt, Program Manager, Bittersweet at Betty’s Farm


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