Letter: Trump travels road to ruin

It seems every day our mediocre president says or tweets or does something that, if done by anyone else, would be a reason to question their sanity. Trump lies on an every-minute basis and his Party and backers look the other way and give him a pass.

He comments about issues, both foreign and domestic, that proves he has not a clue about what he’s talking about, but nothing is said by members of his own party. After over two years of hearing and seeing this president say and do things that are far outside the norm, it is becoming increasingly clear that our president has to be the antichrist. Who else but the least religious person to ever sit in the Oval Office could fill this role.

I see and hear people either wishing for the end of times or declaring we are in the end times and they use what the president says and / or does as proof of their claim. People have been predicting the end times for millennia. If our know-nothing president gets a second term, these prognosticators may be right.

At the very least, a second term for the current president will be the end of our democratic republic as envisioned by our forefathers and that is pathetically sad, especially when there is still about a third of the country that, in spite of all the facts, believe the current White House occupant can do no wrong. Basically, what we need are more facts and Les Kubinski.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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