Letter: Trump again earns my vote

I ask you who do not like President Trump to consider his accomplishments.

What specifically do you not like that he has done? Let’s see what President Trump has accomplished that no other President has been able to do:

• For the first time in years he has increased the GDP at a 3 percent rate.

• Unemployment rate for all citizens has been reduced and the black and Hispanic rates are the lowest ever.•

• Brought a resurgence of American Pride and Power by following through with consequences for those countries that abused the rights of people and countries.

• Stopped consideration of the UN Arms Treaty which would have allowed European socialists to eliminate our Second Amendment rights.

• Withdrew the United States from trade treaties which unfairly treated our exports and enabled imports to be assessed at lower rates. Unfair.

• Working to build the wall to protect US citizens from drugs and criminal activity.

• Eliminated many government regulations which enabled the economy to throw off the chains that stifled the economy through the dark Obama years allowing a surge of employment for long time unemployed.

• Worked to protect your job by stopping the entry of illegals.

• Working to revise immigration laws to only allow immigrants in who will be a positive asset to this country.

• New immigration laws will stop the abuse and manipulation of our laws.

• Made the United States energy independent by opening up resources.

• After years of promises by many Presidents the US Embassy to Israel has been moved to Jerusalem.

• Worked to make Iran and North Korea accountable for their actions.

• Made the Veteran’s Administration responsive to veterans.

Making America Great Again.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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