Letter: Mom, doctors saved my life

I would like to thank The Lima News for publishing a story (A Stefanie Spielman champion – published May 10) on my mother, Patricia Carter, for winning the Stefanie’s Champion Award for her never-ending support and love while helping me during my battle with breast cancer.

My mother tells me there is no need to thank her. She tells me she was doing what any mom would do, but I cannot hold back and must say ‘thank you’ again to my wonderful, loving mother.

I also would like to thank the doctors who treated me and everyone in the medical community who worked with me over the past two years. You saved my life. Thank you.

To my coworkers at Allen County Children Services, thank you so much for the support, words of encouragement and bringing me food while I was sick. Thank you for the wonderful welcome back to work celebration. I am so thankful to work with so many loving and caring people.

Lastly, to all the women out there, please complete self-testing for breast cancer and get a mammogram on a regular basis. I discovered a small lump in my breast early enough and immediately sought help. A simple, periodic self-exam can save your life.

Ericka Boddie, Lima


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