Letter: America being destroyed from within

With each passing day, I’m shocked and sickened by the depraved and evil will of the Democrat party.

The new socialist Democrat’s vision for America is nothing short of pure insanity. How can any true American support the ideals the left now fully embraces? Why should middle class, hard working Americans be forced to provide free health care to people here illegally, all the while struggling to pay for their own healthcare? Since when did it become illegals “right” to be given Social Security payments? Democrats now push for” Medicare for all.” Who foots the bill for this socialist idea, the working class of course.

The new leadership of the left now spew their anti-Semitic hate speech, with the full support of the old Democrat leaders. Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s recent remarks concerning the Holocaust were nothing short of sickening. President Trump rebuked her for those remarks, only to have Nancy Peolsi demand the President to apologize to Tlaib. How far has the left fallen from the moral compass that used to be the guide line for life? America is slowly being destroyed from within. It’s time to wake up America, before the land of the free and the home of the brave is just a footnote in history.

Jerry L. Hall, Uniopolis


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