Letter: Franklin Graham is a tireless leader

On April 29th two items on the Opinion page were published using the tired contentions that both the president and Franklin Graham are “racist, and all other hateful words. As for the Leonard Pitts piece, his words baffle me when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

Franklin Graham is a tireless leader overseeing both the ministries of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (since 2001) and Samaritan’s Purse since 1979. Samaritan’s purse currently has construction and relief teams in eight U.S. cities using both their own staff members and volunteers to clean up and rebuild homes and churches that were impacted by flooding and fires. My husband and I joined a group working in Houston in January (2019) who have been on site since November 2017 following Hurricane Harvey. We witnessed first hand the loving way people were helped at no cost to them at all. Internationally there are disaster relief and medical teams working with suffering countries all over the world, often in very dangerous situations.

Samaritan’s Purse sends doctors, volunteers and plane loads of medical construction equipment to bring hope and life. I am personally tired of the ignorance demonstrated by writers and cartoonists who are obviously solely politically motivated and use their words and drawings to misinform their readers. While we are all entitled to our “opinions” — when there is so much evidence to the contrary these items become harmful.

Our president’s accomplishments will speak for themselves in years to come. In the meantime I am thankful for his stance on lower taxes, less federal intrusion, fighting for our God and Constitution-given freedoms, and his continued efforts to expose the entrenched “swamp” and “deep state”.

Ruth Ann Stover, Lima


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