Letter: Trump has economy on track

I wonder what world the people who have been writing letters disparaging President Trump live in. How can they ignore the fact that unemployment is at its lowest level in more than 12 years. How can they ignore the fact that US manufacturing is having a rebirth and that our economy is growing at the highest level it has in years. Do any of these folks remember the last president telling us that these jobs are gone forever, and we will have to just get used to a lower standard of living. Do they remember how their hero Obama promised us that our health care insurance bill will be reduced by $2,500 a year, or how he went on the America Apology tour and bowed and scraped before foreign heads of state all over the world?

No matter how you feel about Donald J. Trump personally, you must admit that his policies have been great for our country. It was about time that someone faced up to our so called NATO allies and made the pay their fair share of the cost of defending them. It was way past time that an American president stood up to the one world Socialists and put making our country great again his first priority.

Now we are faced with the destruction of our way of life by an invasion of illegals swarming across our Southwestern border. An invasion that the Democrats are aiding and abetting through their refusal to change the immigration laws and sensibly enforce the ones we already have.

We are at a crossroads in history, do we continue to make our country great, or do we slide into the quagmire of Socialism and Communism?

Kenneth E. Harris, Lima


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