Letter: Madness is how wars start

President Trump’s decision to designate IRGC against the advice of his own intelligence agencies, pumping his chest to appear macho for the 2020 elections and appeasing his hardliner advisers, is pure madness!

It’s too bad that Trump and his administration do not understand basic concepts like diplomacy. A move like this one is only going to make things worse. Tit for tat on terror will lead to deaths. There is absolutely no benefit to be had here for anyone in the US or even most people in Iran. It is, however, a gift to the Iranian hard liners.

It’s beyond reckless, as well as feckless, and among the president’s most cynical and manipulative ploys. Trump’s public designation only endangers our troops, ( let’s get down to the real rubber-meets-the-road fact: designating the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, and the Iranian government doing the same against our forces, means that any of those forces that become a prisoner of war can be shot on sight, with no expectation of protection under the Geneva convention! ) and our country - and does nothing for national security.

Military threats should never be an election gambit.

If he takes this action, he’s responsible for all its results!

Ryan Morrison, Lima

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