Letter: RTA created its problems

As a former employee of RTA, I agree our community needs public transportation. However, I do not believe a new levy is the answer to the problems that face RTA.

When I left RTA in 2014, there was money in the fund for services. However, when Ms. Haney took the position of Executive Director in March 2014, she and the RTA board were well aware that two of the grants RTA was using for special routes to transport clients to Marimor were not going to be available within a few years. It was suggested we should begin cutting services that did not generate many riders. Instead, Ms. Haney continued to add new routes.

If smaller communities are in need of RTA services I believe they should step up and give RTA funds. Commissioners also should reinstate money taken from RTA years ago.

I love Lima and believe in helping those less fortunate, but I don’t think a tax levy for RTA is the answer. Without a fiscal plan for this new money, RTA gets a blank slate to spend money. An independent study from an outside source is needed to see what makes sense.

In full disclosure, my job as Operations Director was eliminated while I was on medical leave in October 2014. Ms. Haney told me they needed my salary for operations and she would be taking over my duties. This letter is not in retaliation for that action. Shortly after that happened, I needed to be available to care for a family member. I feel that when things happen that are not planned, there is always a reason for it.

Dianna Drexler, Lima


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